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Who We Are.
U Networks Company is a network and telecommunications services company founded and established in Miami city, FL. We have a team of professionals continuously trained and updated with the new technological trends of the market to bring all our customers, services and solutions that meet the best standards of performance that can be achieved worldwide.

As providers of information technology solutions in networks and telecommunications, we are able to offer guarantees in the work we do both in new facilities and in existing facilities. Our service covers the design, installation and configuration of both new generation structured networks as well as data transmission and telephony networks. In addition, we are able to offer the installation and maintenance service of surveillance cameras and security equipment.

Our purpose is and will be to develop long-term relationships with both, our business allies and with our customers and contribute, as much as possible, in commercial development with the implementation of emerging technologies as soon as they are available.

Our Mission.
To provide physical and logical installation services, preventive and corrective maintenance, certification and management of local and extensive area networks, transmission networks, telephony and installation and maintenance of surveillance and security cameras to commercial and residential customers. We have a team of professionals highly trained and updated with the new technological trends and always ready to give the best attention and provide a highly efficient quality service.
Our Vision.
For us, an excellent reputation is as important as the quality of our products and services, our future is built on continuous innovation and we are aware that our daily work would not be possible without the members of the team of professionals and their commitment to developing a business based on integrity, honesty and professionalism. We will continue to give our best to strengthen our skills and become a prestigious company within the technological market.

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