We offer cabling, design, installation, configuration and maintenance of network infrastructure and telephony systems for commercial or residential customers. We adapt to your current and future needs, to facilitate the migration to higher speed network technologies, using different applications that guarantee its growth and expansion.
Structured Wiring
A structured cabling system is the backbone of your network and is often times overlooked after it’s been installed. That’s why you’ll find that U Network’s efficient and friendly customer service and follow up truly sets us apart and will allow your system to perform at its full potential. Structured wiring and low voltage wiring is our area of expertise. With decades o experience, we can provide full-service solutions for all of your low voltage wiring needs as date,voice, video and audio, whether it’s an existing space or new construction.
Engineered Design
For engineered network design our experienced professional visits the site to discuss communication requirements. Our knowledge of networking requirements, coupled with our installation experience, ensures a superior, cost-effective design. The formal response to the customer includes design and recommendations on optical cables and hardware, connectivity, physical cable routing, potential installation trouble spots, as well as splicing, termination, and testing needs.
Data, Voice, Video and Audio Cabling
Our assimilated connections systems provide effortless access to your network of communications from any location. The amenities services under your umbrella network range from uninterrupted skype sessions to wireless printing from one unified center of locale.

From complete telephone systems from top manufacturers to planning and installation, U-Networks Company can help take your phone communications to the next level. We work with companies large and small to develop the right solution, whether it’s Voice over IP (VoIP) or wireless headsets, we can help.

We work with businesses of all sizes with video conference and remote communication needs. From a simple app on your computer, phone or tablet, to designing a high-end conference room system, let us show you how easy conferencing should be.
Fiber Optic
In today’s networked world, fiber optic cabling is essential for transmitting information over longer distances and at higher bandwidths. U-NETWORKS is a recognized in fiber optic cable installation, combining rigorous attention to detail with proven technical skill. Regardless of your project’s application or scale, we can create the custom solution that will work for you.
Cabling Certification
Our technicians can document and test your wiring using state-of-the-art test equipment for copper and fiber optic cabling from various manufacturers. Testing your cabling is a great way to verify that your network will support the performance you desire.

The speed of your technology is only as good as the cable infrastructure it runs on. It’s a key part of any network, yet often overlooked.

When you need voice and data cable planning and installation, take comfort knowing that our design team and each member of the voice and data cabling team is certified in installation, revision, termination, testing and certification.
Phone Systems
At U-NETWORKS, we realize that every business is different and the key to any successful business is communication. For this reason, we offer an array of versatile commercial phone systems for both, small outfits and large scale operations.

Analog phone systems have been around for many years, they are extremely reliable & traditional. Analog systems have supported businesses for decades, analog, is built on a copper line. When it comes to voice quality analog solutions are extremely effective & even incorporate basic features such as, on hold, redial, speed dial & mute.
Surveillance Cameras
Our security camera installation services include the ability to install IP or analog commercial surveillance camera systems consisting of as little as 4 cameras right up to large-scale systems consisting of 300 cameras or more.

At U-Networks Company we can design, install and maintain your new or existing surveillance systems. We can integrate existing analog and digital cameras, provide access to the latest in surveillance camera technologies, enable viewing of cameras at multiple locations from one or many locations, provide surveillance capability using your smartphone with an app or by using your web browser.
AV Conferencing
U-Networks Company binds corporate offices and personnel against space and time through assimilated measures of communication. Our audio and video conferencing systems offer effective communications solutions, while simultaneously magnifying productivity within your breach of needs.
Presentation Systems
Effective audio-to-visual solutions are designed to offer excellent delivery of presentations in any academic or corporate setting. U Networks Company designs, programs, and installs effective presentation systems that convey high quality imaging projected on screens, distributing sound via subtle, surround systems.
Overhead Audio Systems
Our overhead audio solutions meet an often compulsory demand within corporate sectors for efficient, synchronized delivery of broadcasted announcements. In addition to disseminating information, U Networks Companys' designed overhead audio systems send subtle backdrop music via unobtrusive overhead speakers nestled in various recesses throughout your corporate environment.
Paging System
Improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by implementing one of many available and customizable push-for-service systems. These durable and modern devices were designed to make calling for assistance easier whether it’s from staff-to-staff or guest-to-staff.
Door Phones
At U-Networks Company we offer Door Phones installation service that includes connectivity to a secure communication system used to control the opening of the door giving access to commercial o residential facilities. These communications systems are widely used in the mentioned structures, forming part of the standard electrical installation of most buildings today.
IT Services
We are able to manage your IT services while you focus efforts on developing your business. We have the experience and knowledge to efficiently manage your technology platform.

The IT Service is the first point of contact for all problems and queries relating to our services and software. Our dedicated team has a broad knowledge and in many cases can deal directly with requests.

Our consulting services focus on responding to the specific needs of each organization so it is important to always align the results of these services with the strategic objectives.
Managed IT Services
We are able to manage your IT services while you focus efforts on developing your business. We have the experience and knowledge to efficiently manage your technology platform.

Our services are oriented specifically for small-to-medium sized businesses, include comprehensive support for PCs, mobile devices, servers, and everything in between. Customized and enterprise-class solutions are also available.

Much more than a traditional help desk, the Managed IT Services provide our customers with professional and immediate support. Our help desk is fully-staffed by certified U.S.-based IT professionals who are available whenever you need them via phone, email, web chat, or our secure web portal.
Backup and Disaster Recovery
With our experience, we can help create an immediate Disaster Recovery Plan for your data, in the event of any unwanted contingency due to damage, theft or natural disaster.

Data is your most valuable asset. When businesses lose their critical data, they suffer significant financial and productivity losses. The side effects of data loss are extensive: damaged reputation, massive downtime, loss of clients, fines, government scrutiny and other intangible costs. And some companies never fully bounce back from data loss or downtime.

No business is immune to data loss. Companies in all industries and of all sizes are vulnerable to a range of security threats. Hackers indiscriminately target businesses. Critical data becomes corrupted. Sensitive data is accidentally deleted all the time. Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, flood or fire, disaster can strike at any time and with no warning.
IT Consulting
A company's technology organization should support its business strategy, not constrain it. We focus first on the strategic needs of our clients' businesses to determine the technology capabilities needed to support their long-term goals. We help companies confidently address technology-related decisions and ensure their IT organizations and operating models are agile and effective, equipping them to cut through the noise of fleeting technology trends to create enduring results.
Network Security
You know the high cost of having your company's network breached. Breaches cause unhappy customers, loss of revenue, compliance penalties and could generate damaging press coverage. You can achieve 24/7 network security with us. We can help you establish security systems, updates and monitoring that protects your data around the clock.
Cloud Services
The cloud computing service can provide to your company a better bandwidth, data protection, and on-demand access to technical support professionals at a set rate that matches your budget.

With the right cloud solution, you can enhance your organization’s productivity, lower your IT costs, and improve your IT service delivery. From design, selection, implementation, and support, our managed cloud and data center services allow you to leverage the cloud efficiently and give with Cloud Support that gives your business a competitive advantage.

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we can assist. Regardless of whether you are just exploring your options or you were born in the cloud, our experts are available to help.
Vendor Management
Our experts will work with you to evaluate your business needs and consolidate relationships, getting you the best service at the best price, helping you to understand what other IT providers are offering.

Though many business owners believe that vendor management is simply about finding the supplier with the cheapest price for a product or service, it’s about more than that. It’s about streamlining the process for heightened efficiencies and managing vendor relationships to ensure that the agreements made are mutually beneficial for both parties.

With effective vendor management processes in place, you can properly establish service, quality, cost, and satisfaction goals and choose and manage third-party suppliers that help you achieve those business goals.

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